Get to Know Cam Lakes


Cam Lakes was born and raised in Alberta Canada, but his life is not the typical story of many artist. Cam was adopted when he was only one week old. You can hear many chapters of his life through the music that he writes. He truly believes that we all have a choice in life. We can fully embrace the positive and fully accept the negative things that come our way, and how we react to the negative ultimately decides our fate. His life is not only inspiring to others, it’s also what drives him to write his songs. 


Cam was blessed with a wonderful loving adoptive family who never kept his adoption a secret. As far back as he can remember, he always knew he was adopted and knew deep down that his birth mother made the ultimate sacrifice because she truly wanted her son to have a life that she knew she could not provide.


Growing up, Cams parents shared their love of music and dancing with their children. Cam remembers listening to the tunes of the Beetles, Elvis, Johnny Cash and many more. Some of his fondest memories are of them all singing and dancing in the kitchen. Cam truly feels blessed to have such an amazing family that raised him.


When Cam was 25 he knew it was time to find his birth mother. So with the support of his parents, he started the search for her. Finding her and talking with her the first time for hours. As a matter of fact, his debut single “Finding My Roots” is about reconnecting with his birth mom.


One of Cam’s fondest childhood memories are those of spending time with his dad riding motorcycles, which he began from the time he could hold on. Cam has been a biker ever since, both street and dirt bikes.  These memories with his dad inspired his song “Wind Therapy”. 


To truly understand the depth of Cam Lakes, you have to hear his tribute song to one of his best friends who served in Iraq. Cam reflects back on all of the letters they exchanged during his tour of duty, how his best friend feared he would not make it home, by the Grace Of God he did and Cam wrote the song “Andy's Courage”. This song is based off true life experiences of a soldier in the midst of War. 


“Scooty Boots” is inspired by Cam's pride and joy, his two sons and is written about their lives growing up. A fun upbeat song guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


Cam Lakes was able to travel to Nashville, TN back in 2016 where he played a tribute to his grandpa. It was his grandpas lifelong dream to go to Nashville and make it big. Unfortunately that dream never came to fruition because his own father fell ill. so he sacrificed his his own dreams and stayed home to take care of his dad's farm. You can hear his story in Cam’s song “This Old Guitar of Mine” which is based on the life of this wonderful man. 


Cam Lake’s lyrical style and upbeat personality is definitely one that will uplift, inspire and bring a smile to your face

When he's not playing gigs you can find Cam at the top of  mountains snowboarding, bottom of the ocean scuba diving, training martial arts, playing sports or crusing on his motorcycles.